January 14, 2017

Reviews and Testimonials

Newcomers Network Reviews and Testimonials

Newcomers Network Reviews and TestimonialsNewcomers Network is a socially responsible independent provider of information, events and advocacy for people who have moved. Our Founder and Director is Sue Ellson.

We have been fortunate to receive a wide variety of positive reviews and testimonials since we have been online in 2001.

You will notice that on most of the information pages on our website and on the posts in our blog, that you will be able to choose ‘Create your own review’ at the bottom of the screen. You do not need to sign in to complete your review. You can choose a number of stars and also write a comment.

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Personal Reviews and Testimonials sent directly to us

A  sample of reviews and testimonials we have received directly via email or personal message are published below – we will publish some more recent testimonials here soon!

I have just completed the info for a workshop between Christmas and the New Year based on your suggestion – many thanks my friend! Kind regards Barb

Thank you Sue for your advice, I appreciate the trouble you took. Have a good day, regards, Kath

When someone like you comes along who is so encouraging and freely giving of your contacts and advice, it really is lovely! Kate

Thanks for the great question responses and contacts. Engel

Keep up the good work, I think what you’re doing is wonderful. Jenny

Your preparation, notes and anecdotal information were greatly appreciated. Christine

Thank you so much for your great planning. We had a wonderful time at the MCG….Diana

You are really terrific the way you champion other people and their projects!! Melissa

Thank you for your very prompt e-mail! I will take your advice, again. I will keep my door wide open (but with caution, it’s a big city…). I wish you enjoy beautiful Latte in Melbourne! Tomoko

I am so honored for your kind help. I really appreciate your consideration. Mehrnoosh

Thanks so much again for organising the venue last Friday. It has been a really nice evening for Marcus and myself, being able to meet new people, and exchange information and experiences that we made with our move to Australia. Kristin

Thank you so much for all your suggestions and I look forward to contact a few of them and checking out your internet addresses on the weekend. I will definitely look up your newcomers network when I move home! Rebecca

I learned about your unique organization a few months ago when I was preparing to relocate to Melbourne from New York. Thank you and your team for organizing a very helpful virtual resource center for newcomers. I have read many of the items that are available on your website, which helped me prepare for the move. Daraus

I’m from Singapore and arrived here last September. Meeting people from the Newcomers Network has been a godsend because we’re all in the same situation. Jackie

Whilst we knew some time back of your pending award we are delighted to officially learn (Manningham Leader) of your great achievement in being awarded a Harmony Day Ambassadorship. Hearty congratulations! In our view it could not have been offered to a more worthy recipient. You have put many years of hard work, and personal sacrifice, into doing what you believe in, and making it work. The Leader report understates all that you have done, helping very many people individually, but at least it’s good to see you being recognised by this award. John

That’s fantastic, well done. We really appreciate your efforts.Paul

Thank you very much for all the information. I read the PDF file and realized that I do indeed have LOTS more research to do. Chuck

Thanks for your immediate response to my inquiry. Have gone through the web sites and it’s reallyinformative. Thanks once again. Sincerely Saju

Sue Ellson Reviews and Testimonials

You can also find out more about our Founder and Director, Sue Ellson via

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Google – simply Google ‘Sue Ellson’ and you will see her Google Business Location appear on the right hand side of your Google Search Results and you can click to see reviews

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