January 3, 2017


Newcomers Network Events

Newcomers Network EventsNewcomers Network hosts a variety of online and offline events.

Our first events started in May 2001 when we launched Newcomers Network at the Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

We ran a variety of different events and forums before starting monthly events in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane from 2004 up until November 2015.

We stopped temporarily in November 2015 because so many people registered but then did not show up and this was very disappointing for our volunteer city hosts.

We are yet to decide what will happen in 2017 – but feel free to subscribe to our email newsletter to be kept informed!

Christmas Day BYO (Bring Your Own) Picnic Lunches

On 25 December 2006, we hosted the very first Christmas Day BYO (Bring Your Own) Picnic Lunch in Melbourne – we have now hosted 11 consecutive events in Melbourne.

We have hosted annual Christmas Day BYO Picnic lunches in Sydney since 2010, Perth since 2010 (but not 2016), Brisbane since 2011 and Adelaide since 2013. This event is proving to be a very popular tradition across Australia!

Future and Past Newcomers Network Events

In the very near future, we will be providing links to future and past events hosted by Newcomers Network on this page – so if you would like to bookmark the page, please do so by pressing your [Ctrl] key and the letter [D] at the same time (or if on a Mac, use the [Command] and [D] keys).

Living, Working and Networking in Australia

If you would like to learn more about ‘Living, Working and Networking in Australia,’ you may like to listen to our recording from Blog Talk Radio. This is a summary of the information we used to share at the monthly Living, Working and Networking events.

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