January 10, 2017

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Newcomers Network Our Services

Newcomers Network Our ServicesAs Australia’s first network for newcomers, started in 1999 and established in 2001, we believe that we can offer genuine professional assistance to newcomers, expatriates, skilled migrants and repatriates.

As you have already discovered, our website provides information, events and advocacy for newcomers.

Our aim as a network is to connect you to existing resources in your current location.

However, if you would like some direct personal assistance from us, we can help you on an hourly professional fee basis with:

  • learning the skills to find a job in your new country
  • updating your LinkedIn Profile and resume or curriculum vitae
  • setting up your online Profiles on your own WordPress website, LinkedIn, Google+ or other social media
  • cultural briefing training for living, working and networking in Australia
  • general settlement strategies for making the most of your new life in your new location

We usually recommend three sessions of two hours each.

A 10% discount is offered for total bookings of five hours or more.

The current hourly rate is AUD$250 per hour (as at 10 January 2017) and this can be paid for via direct bank deposit or via PayPal (add an extra 5% if paying by PayPal to cover processing costs).

Our services are personally provided by the Founder of Newcomers Network – Sue Ellson or if Sue is unavailable, she will personally refer you to someone more suitable.

Please note that Sue is not a registered migration agent and cannot provide any assistance with securing a visa to Australia (although she can recommend that you source someone via Mara.gov.au)

Sue can work with you via Skype or other online platforms as well as in person in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

To make an appointment, you can either

  1. Send us an email direct to sueellson [at] newcomersnetwork.com
  2. Complete the form below.