Money Management and Financial Counselling

Money Management and Financial Counselling

Money Management and Financial Counselling By Sue Ellson with Mark Phillips Mark Phillips is the Treasurer for the Financial and Consumer Rights Council Inc (FCRC), the peak body and professional association for financial counsellors in Victoria and a Financial Counsellor with Jewish Care in Melbourne, Australia. Sue Ellson interviewed Mark on the topic of money management to understand more Read more about Money Management and Financial Counselling[…]

Advance Australia Now Anthem

Advance Australia Now Anthem By Sue Ellson on 10 October 2017 I have spent the last three days at the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) 2017 Conference in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Like many third generation Australian born Australians, I am extremely ignorant when it comes to the 65,000 year heritage of Aboriginal Read more about Advance Australia Now Anthem[…]

Pre Departure Jobs Kit by Sue Ellson

Pre Departure Jobs Kit

Newcomers Network Pre Departure Jobs Kit On 20 April 2004, the first Pre Departure Jobs Kit was published. The second edition was published on 3 July 2009. The third and latest edition was published on 7 July 2017. Sue Ellson, Founder and Director of Newcomers Network was finding that so many people were only starting Read more about Pre Departure Jobs Kit[…]

Lighthouse How Can I Help?

How can I help?

How can I help? By Sue Ellson I know from my own experience of life, that I have needed help from time to time. But it is not always easy for someone with my education, ability and persistence to ask for help. What I do know is that I don’t want people telling me what Read more about How can I help?[…]

Newcomers Network Our Services

Our Services

Newcomers Network Our Services As Australia’s first network for newcomers, started in 1999 and established in 2001, we believe that we can offer genuine professional assistance to newcomers, expatriates, skilled migrants and repatriates. As you have already discovered, our website provides information, events and advocacy for newcomers. Our aim as a network is to connect you Read more about Our Services[…]


Newcomers Network Presentations Ms Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI CDAA (Assoc) ASA MPC has been involved in the following guest speaking presentations related to newcomers, expatriates, repatriates, migrants, settlement, networking, setting up in business, international human resources, global mobility etc – including conferences, expos, forums, discussions, radio interviews, lectures, presentations, training, facilitation. launches, workshops etc. Read more about Presentations[…]

Savvy Settlement Kit

Savvy Settlement Kit

Newcomers Network Savvy Settlement Kit A practical guide for newcomers to help them make the most of their new life in their new location, particularly if they are moving to Australia. Written by Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI CDAA (Assoc) ASA MPC Founder and Director, Newcomers Network 2nd Edition published 2nd July 2009 1st Edition published 2nd Read more about Savvy Settlement Kit[…]

Newcomers Network Newcomers Kit

Newcomers Kit

Newcomers Network Newcomers Kit A practical tool to help communities, newcomers and seasoned expatriates make the most of their life in their current location. Written by Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI Founder and Director, Newcomers Network 2nd Edition published 25th June 2009 1st Edition published 8th September 2004 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia The information in this publication Read more about Newcomers Kit[…]

On Arrival

Newcomers Network On Arrival By Sue Ellson If you have made the decision to move and planned your move, you may have been so busy that you don’t automatically think about what to do when you arrive at your new destination! However, if you can make every effort to create a good first impression when Read more about On Arrival[…]