January 8, 2017

Tell Us Your Story

Newcomers Network Tell Us Your Story

Newcomers Network Tell Us Your StoryDo you have a story you would like to share on the Newcomers Network website or in our Blog?

We consider all submissions, but as an independent social enterprise, we prefer to publish original and exclusive content.

We consider content suitable for advertisers and affiliates separately.

You can either:

  1. Send us a story via email direct to info [at] newcomersnetwork.com
  2. Complete the form below.

When thinking about what you would like to write, consider including the following items.

  • Your name and LinkedIn Profile URL (ie http://au.linkedin.com/in/sueellson)
  • Where you were born, where you have lived, where you are living now
  • Why you moved to your current location
  • What you miss most from your past
  • What you like most now in your present
  • What you would like to do whilst you are here
  • What tips you would like to share with other newcomers, expatriates, migrants or repatriates
  • What you wished you had known before you had moved
  • Tell us if you would like people to be able to contact you
  • A couple of photos that you would like to add to your story