January 3, 2017


Newcomers Network Advocacy

Newcomers Network AdvocacyNewcomers Network Advocacy, Events, Proposals, Submissions and Actions that have helped newcomers

This section of our website is for summarising the various advocacy, events, proposals, submissions and actions that Newcomers Network has done to help newcomers around the world.

1. Chronological history
2. Research projects
3. Written submissions and proposals
4. Special projects
5. Special events (also links to past events)
6. Representation on committees
7. Commentary

1. Chronological history

27/2/2001 Registered Business Name in Victoria, Australia
20/2/2001 Appeared on ABC Radio in Melbourne to discuss findings of research
31/7/2000 University of South Australia Research Report Completed
15/9/1999 Started research for Newcomers Network

2. Research projects

Completed by Sue Ellson and Newcomers Network

2017 Newcomers and Technology
2004 Moving in the 21st Century
2000 Moving to Melbourne: Issues, needs and realities

3. Written submissions and proposals

06/07/2007 Inquiry into the Australian Citizenship Test Amendment
17/11/2006 Proposed Australian Citizenship Test
06/05/2005 Review of the Senate Enquiry into Australian Expatriates
06/08/2004 Further submission to Senate Enquiry into Australian Expatriates
16/07/2004 Multicultural Victoria Act Many Cultures – One Future Discussion Paper
27/02/2004 Senate Enquiry into Australian Expatriates

4. Special Projects

Will complete soon.

5. Special Events

Will complete soon.

6. Representation on Committees

Will complete soon.

7. Commentary

30/04/2010 The People of Australia Australian Multicultural Advisory Council Statement on cultural diversity and recommendations to government – comment by Sue Ellson

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