How can I help?

How can I help? By Sue Ellson I know from my own experience of life, that I have needed help from time to time. But it is not always easy for someone with my education, ability and persistence to ask for help. What I do know is that I don’t want people telling me what Read more about How can I help?[…]

Newcomers Network Our Services

Our Services

Newcomers Network Our Services As Australia’s first network for newcomers, started in 1999 and established in 2001, we believe that we can offer genuine professional assistance to newcomers, expatriates, skilled migrants and repatriates. As you have already discovered, our website provides information, events and advocacy for newcomers. Our aim as a network is to connect you Read more about Our Services[…]


Newcomers Network Presentations Ms Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI CDAA (Assoc) ASA MPC has been involved in the following guest speaking presentations related to newcomers, expatriates, repatriates, migrants, settlement, networking, setting up in business, international human resources, global mobility etc – including conferences, expos, forums, discussions, radio interviews, lectures, presentations, training, facilitation. launches, workshops etc. Read more about Presentations[…]

Planning to Move

Newcomers Network Planning to Move By Sue Ellson So if you have already decided to move, now it is time to start planning your move to your new location, and later, prepare for what to do when you arrive. There will be a lot to think about and put on your list of things to Read more about Planning to Move[…]

Deciding to Move

Newcomers Network Deciding to Move By Sue Ellson Before you make your decision to move, you are going to need to consider a variety of issues, options and people. Most people when they read this article will find themselves somewhere in the middle of all of these questions. Even the most well prepared, intelligent, financial Read more about Deciding to Move[…]

Newcomers Network Information


Newcomers Network Information Seven Best Settlement Strategies Deciding to Move Planning to Move On Arrival Repatriation and Returning Home Worldwide Expatriates Publications

Worldwide Expatriates

Newcomers Network Worldwide Expatriates By Sue Ellson We have personally researched some websites that provide international expatriates, newcomers and migrants with a variety of information, articles, resources and technologies to help you with your relocation and meet new people in your new location. Expat Expert – by Robin Pascoe, well known author Families in Global Read more about Worldwide Expatriates[…]

Repatriation and Returning Home

Newcomers Network Repatriation and Returning Home By Sue Ellson The difficulties of returning home and reverse culture shock on re-entry from expatriate life Repatriation, returning to a location or a country that you have lived in previously after life out of the country as either a migrant or an expatriate, is not always easy.  Many Read more about Repatriation and Returning Home[…]

Seven Best Settlement Strategies

Newcomers Network Seven Best Settlement Strategies By Sue Ellson After extensive primary and secondary research and as the Founder of Newcomers Network, I recommend the following seven best settlement strategies to help you overcome the common challenges of relocation, migration, expatriation and repatriation. These principles apply to any location anywhere in the world. These strategies can Read more about Seven Best Settlement Strategies[…]