January 3, 2017

About Us

Newcomers Network About Us

The Newcomers Network is an independent social enterprise and international online portal of information, events and advocacy for people who have moved, either domestically or internationally.

Started by Founder and Director Sue Ellson on 1 September 1999, it was launched in Melbourne on 22 May 2001.


To provide information, events and advocacy for people who have moved to help them make the most of their new life in their new location, regardless of how long they plan to stay or where they have come from.


  • to help individuals acknowledge the challenges of moving and provide practical strategies for success and links to information and resources from government, private and community sectors, free of charge without prejudice or favour and with the utmost respect for newcomers’ privacy
  • to make use of existing resources in new and creative ways
  • to remain relevant, current and easy to understand for all newcomers (including those from culturally and linguistically diverse communities) and wherever possible, incorporate usability principles to ensure that people of all abilities can access the information easily
  • provide information and showcase research findings, books, publications and recordings of interest to newcomers
  • share details of networks, events and groups for newcomers
  • host and/or coordinate face to face and online events for newcomers
  • provide advocacy for newcomers through relevant publications, submissions, enquiries, representations, media channels etc to improve settlement outcomes for newcomers

Target Audience

  • anyone who has moved residences within the last three years
  • people on overseas assignment, expatriates, repatriates and skilled migrants
  • individuals and enterprises who provide services to newcomers (relocation providers, cultural trainers, human resources staff etc)
  • policy decision makers and action takers in local, state and federal government and interested enterprises and initiatives that can make a difference to settlement outcomes


To be a valued, trusted and useful resource for newcomers across the world that over time, improves settlement outcomes for individuals, their family and friends.