July 3, 2017

Pre Departure Jobs Kit

Newcomers Network Pre Departure Jobs Kit

Pre Departure Jobs Kit by Sue EllsonOn 20 April 2004, the first Pre Departure Jobs Kit was published.

The second edition was published on 3 July 2009.

The third and latest edition was published on 7 July 2017.

Sue Ellson, Founder and Director of Newcomers Network was finding that so many people were only starting their job search when they arrived in their new location (in this case, Australia).

In many cases, this delayed their ability to secure employment soon after their arrival – hence the reason for creating the Pre Departure Jobs Kit to help people prepare before arriving in their new location.

Download the third edition 562KB PDF of the Pre Departure Jobs Kit here updated on 7 July 2017 with the latest links and resources.

This publication is provided free of charge thanks to Newcomers Network!

However, we do recommend that you consider purchasing the book ‘120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business‘ or that if you would like personalised assistance, that you book an appointment with Sue Ellson (this can be conducted online via Skype).