January 3, 2017

Living in Australia

Living in Australia


On 20 May 2010, Alba Chliakhtine from ABRISA, the Brazilian Association for Social Development and Integration in Australia met with Sue Ellson from Newcomers Network to discuss the concept of creating a ‘Living in Australia’ guide for people moving to Victoria, Australia from Brazil.

This guide has been produced from various resources previously created by Newcomers Network, our current research and the research data collected by ABRISA.

Wherever possible, it uses Australia-wide links and resources – however, all newcomers are encouraged to take responsibility for their own happiness and to gather important information from at least three separate sources for more complex decisions.


The purpose of this Living in Australia Guide is to offer potential migrants planning to come to Australia information that may guide them in the migration and settlement process.

This guide does not intend to offer personal advice, simply a basic education, guidance and tips on how to minimise the issues faced in the transition process with a strong strategic focus.

It is based upon a wide range of personal experience, research and suggestions from ABRISA and Newcomers Network members and subscribers.

This Living in Australia Guide includes both generic information suitable for all new arrivals as well as specific information and resources for the Brazilian community.

The guide can be used by both ABRISA and Newcomers Network and can be shared with any other migrant group for the benefit of newcomers. Any reproduction must acknowledge the initial source of information.

Target Audience

The target audience for this Living in Australia Guide are:

  • people considering migration to Australia
  • people who have recently arrived in Australia
  • ethnic organisations providing assistance to newcomers
  • service providers providing assistance to newcomers
  • government and non government organisations providing assistance to newcomers

Download your free copy of the Living in Australia Guide 1.3MB PDF here

Alternatively, check out the Living in Australia 6 January 2017 revised edition online here (all information updated and links refreshed).