Expat Profile Kaz

Expat Profile Kaz

  Expat Profile KazExpat Profile Kaz 2

In the past                                            Now

In the past

My sister and I at Stephenson’s Falls, Marysville, Victoria, Australia


Myself and some friends on top of Pulpit Rock, Rogaland, Norway.

My name is:


My previous location was:

Melbourne, Australia

I was born in:

Melbourne, Australia

I now live in (suburb/town and state):

Stavanger, Norway

I am planning to stay for:

I am planning to stay indefinitely, as we have just purchased a house.

What I miss most is:

My family, the weather, social activities and turkish delight chocolate bars!

What I like most now is:

That I can speak another language, that I have some wonderful new friends, our proximity to Europe and, of course, the reason I moved here, the hubby!

What I want to do while I am here is:

Find a full time job and continue with my volunteer work which is really rewarding.


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