Expat Profile Rita

Expat Profile Rita

Expat Profile RitaExpat Profile Rita 1

In the past                                                            Now

In the past:

Surrounded by mountains, lush forests and a beautiful lake… this is where we spent most of our holidays… at my family’s country retreat.


Enjoying the brightness and sun at Brighton Beach, Melbourne.

My first name is:


My previous location was:

Brazil, South America

I was born in:

Brazil, South America

I now live in (suburb/town and state):

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I am planning to stay for:

Hmm… planning to stay for quite a while, although I also would like to experience other parts of the world.

What I miss most is:

The warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean; the smell and taste of fresh tropical fruit; the sweetness of pawpaw and guava; jabuticaba (a very unusual tropical fruit that grows on the trunk of a tree of the same name); having a duet with my brother on the guitar and myself on the piano; my dad’s book collection; my mum’s apple pie and chocolate/coffee soufflé… and eating mangos with bare hands under a giant mango tree at our country retreat.

What I like most now is:

Being able to walk safely in the streets of Melbourne without having to worry about pick-pockets; the variety of cuisines from around the world here; my husband; being able to experience all 4 seasons in one year.

What I want to do while I am here is:

Meet people; pursue my career and passions (cross-cultural studies, foreign language learning, international relocation, and educational tourism); enjoy life!


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