Expat Profile Sue

Expat Profile Sue

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In the past                                                           Now


In the past:


Ellson’s Seaview Guest House on Kangaroo Island South Australia is a place where I enjoyed many wonderful holidays as a child – my grandparents owned the property (I lived on the mainland in Adelaide, South Australia).




Speaking at the launch of the Newcomers Network in May 2001.


My first name is:




My previous location was:


South Plympton a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia


I was born in:


Woodville a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia


I now live in (suburb/town and state):


Lower Templestowe, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


I am planning to stay for:


I have been here since February 1994 and I have loved Melbourne ever since I arrived. However, now that I have moved from the town I grew up in, the only place I think about going in the future is to a new location – who knows where I will live next or when I will be going!


What I miss most is:


My family and friends, the beautiful clean beaches and a range of food items (like fresh nectarines from my parents’ backyard)


What I like most now is:


The wonderful opportunities that I have explored here (including the birth of our two children), my new friends (which are like another family to me) and the exciting life that I lead.


What I want to do while I am here is:


Enjoy life and make sure that it does not become too hectic. I would also like to travel more often, both back to Adelaide, around Australia and overseas.


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